It's Not A Purim Joke

Its not Purim. It’s a Gemach. Scroll down to see what we can do for you

For the free ready-made turnkey niche websites (say that fast 5 times) , please visit our shop here

Ready To Get Started ?

Are you looking for the catch? Well there isn’t any.  All you need to do is provide us with the domain name and hosting account information and we can get provide you with a gorgeous customize-able theme that will look amazing with minimal effort. See for some of the stunning themes we can provide you at no charge (we have a developers license with them and can provide a theme for any of our clients)

Once you have your domain and hosting information, please fill out the form to let us know you are ready to go.

There are three major hosting services that we recommend, ipage, hostgator and bluehost. Please note that we do make a commission if you choose to go with them, but they top tier hosting providers, they offer amazing service and even better are extremely cheap. Plus, its the only income that MyGemach has to be able to stay alive.

And here is what you can expect from us once we get started:

  • Choose from a large selection of beautiful customize-able themes
  • Assistance in learning the ins and outs of your new website
  • We’ll help you set up you email address (this comes with the hosting, but we’re happy to help)
  • A tour to help you manage your site independently once you are up and running
Step One - Domain and Hosting

You need two things before we can give you the site. You need a name, like .  It’s the way to let people find you.

You also need to purchase hosting. Hosting allows you to store the website content itself.  In short, the domain is the name of your store, and the hosting is where you keep your goods.

We don’t sell domain names or hosting here, but you can purchase them by either one of these two well known companies.

The first is iPage The second is HostGator


Please do not continue below before purchasing a domain and hosting


Step Two - Submit Your Information

Please make sure you’ve completed step one above before submitting this form. For security purposes, do not send us your hosting information here, rather please contact us through this form to let us know you have your hosting plan in place.

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Step Three - Get Ready!


Once we receive your information, someone will IY”H get back to you within one business day. We look forward to helping you get started.